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Jessup, MD, August 30th, 2011 - Larsen Products is pleased to announce that their concrete bonding agent Weld

Date:15, April 2012

Larsen WeldCrete Concrete Bonding Agent is the bonding agent of choice when it comes to building the "world's happiest place". Disneyland Hong Kong used Larsen WeldCrete to securely bond stucco and plaster works to its many feature walls.  

Larsen WeldCrete has a tensile bond strength of 3.34MPa (485psi) and unlike epoxy binding agents, waits for you. WeldCrete has an open time of up to 10 days. WeldCrete is suitable for use internally and externally and is used to bind new concrete or cement based mixes to existing concerete, tiles, wood, plasterboard and glass. It can also bond on painted surfaces as long as the paint is of sound and good condition.  

Larsen WeldCrete is available in 1 and 5 US Gallon tubs.