Boltless VS Bolted Racking Systems: Which is Better?

Boltless VS Bolted Racking Systems: Which is Better?

Boltless VS Bolted Racking Systems: Which is Better?

Boltless VS Bolted Racking Systems: Which is Better?

Boltless VS Bolted Racking Systems: Which is Better?
Boltless VS Bolted Racking Systems: Which is Better?
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Boltless VS Bolted Racking Systems: Which is Better?

Boltless VS Bolted Racking Systems: Which is Better?


The debate surrounding racking systems remains heated. There are many things to consider between boltless and bolted racks. While the bolted system is less rigid during seismic occurrences, the boltless system saves a lot of time on installation. For better clarity, let’s navigate through which of the two racking systems has become the most preferred storage solution for many businesses in the industry. 

What Is A Boltless Racking System

Boltless shelving system is the ideal solution to meet the increasing demands of the warehouse industry with less sorting of materials. It has become one of the top choices because it can be assembled and disassembled with ease and to retrieve goods easily. especially for manual handlings. 


1.Customisable And Easy Assemblage

Imagine using only a rubber mallet to assemble your rack. With a boltless racking system, this is possible. When using bolted racks, you are required to follow the traditional clips, nuts and bolts method where additional equipment is utilised for assembling the rack during installation. This is not only complex and time-consuming but the bolts are capable of rusting eventually. Boltless racks on the other hand are built with metal, hence providing clean lines and an aesthetic finish.  

2. Durable

Most boltless shelving parts are made from steel which gives them the strength to withstand the weights of larger products during storage. Some units can hold up to 200kg - 500 kg 2000 pounds per shelf. 

3. Safe To Use

Staying organised is vital for storage work settings. That’s why the boltless system has implemented seamless shelving options. Without sway bars, panels and other mechanical hindrances, you can access the rack from all sides and also easy to adjust the level of shelves making the environment safer to use. 


1.Difficult To Repair

The frames in a boltless racking system are painted which makes it more difficult for the naked eye to examine any internal damages that need immediate fixing.

Boltless Racking System are epoxy powder coated which will be less corroded.

Damages parts ( such as frames, beams and metal panels) can be replaced easily. 

What Is A Bolted Racking System

A bolted racking is a cost-effective racking speciality which requires the conventional bolts and nuts to build the upright frames while accommodating various heights. 


1. Customisation

With a bolted rack, you are able to customise it according to the sizes of your needs your needs and requirements. All it involves is cutting the angles columns down and adjusting the bracing during rack frame assembly. 

2. Less Costly

Bolted racking is known to have cost-effective benefits. They are cheaper  as they cannot be replaced once corroded or they do not require added labour when i they do not require added labourt comes to repairs. Damage is easily noticeable during inspection and may be assessed quickly making replacements feel like a breeze. 


1. Time Consuming

Compared to boltless shelving, the amount of time that goes into screwing and fixing each component to assemble the rack may be long and tedious. It comes with additional purchasing of different nuts, bolts and rivets that fit the shelving units. If it’s your first time using a bolted rack, then the mechanical handling will be quite complex to understand and set up. Some racks are heavy and may come off due to poorly screwed techniques.  

2. Prone To Rusting

Bolts and nuts are made of different materials such as metal, plastic and titanium. There are quite a number of these lock nuts involved in the process and so locking them in place requires tightening. With time, they can corrode. When corrosion happens, the metal surface of the bolts starts to become uneven. Eventually, the performance of the rack will diminish and weaken.   

Final Verdict - Go Boltless

Having compared both racking systems, it is clear which racking system outshines the other. You are now able to make an informed decision on getting your first boltless rack! If you are interested in learning more about boltless racking systems, you can visit our website. Eastern Win offers light-duty, boltless shelving racks that guarantee innovative joint designs and easy assemblage to stash your warehouse products methodically.