Top 3 Advantages of Longspan Shelving Systems

Top 3 Advantages of Longspan Shelving Systems

Top 3 Advantages of Longspan Shelving Systems

Top 3 Advantages of Longspan Shelving Systems

Top 3 Advantages of Longspan Shelving Systems
Top 3 Advantages of Longspan Shelving Systems
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Top 3 Advantages of Longspan Shelving Systems

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Top 3 Advantages of Longspan Shelving Systems


If you are a company providing logistics solutions or a supplier specialising in hand-loaded goods (hand picked), then you might have warehouses that need wide-ranging shelving systems to store small and medium-sized goods in large quantities. Furthermore, when it comes to organising your warehouse, choosing the right shelves is crucial to seamless operations within an infrastructure and its space. Of the many available, long-span shelving is a type of high-density storage solution with customisable installing properties for efficient space utilisation. 

“Long span” by definition means lengthening a great distance—referring to shelves that have the potential to be extended to great lengths without any limitation. Long-span shelving is an ideal alternative if your goods cannot be stored in pallet racks or if you cannot afford any more floor space in a warehouse. With a high density storage capacity, all the stocks in Long Span Shelving are exposed to direct access. Usually, it consists of uprights, beams and shelves. It is used for hand-loaded applications and with boltless shelving its load capacity is bigger (400-500kg per level).

You can use it to store and retrieve packets, archive files, totes, boxes or loose goods that are fragile and irregular in shape manually. Hence, the use of conveyors or forklifts is not needed.

Why should you choose longspan shelving?

While they are utilised for both industrial and commercial purposes, long-span shelving systems are built with bolt-free locking systems that help to keep support beams fastened and firm. At Eastern Win, long-span shelving comes in two types.

  • Medium Duty Shelving System - which is made of robust uprights, beams, and shelves that can withstand a load capacity of 400kg-500kg per shelf in high-rise applications. 

  • Two / Three Tiers Shelving System - specifically built for bulky loads reaching a sufficient height. To fit the requirements of the user, it features a walking aisle, handrail with a sliding or swing gate, and a staircase.

It is used for awkward or bulky loads and ideal for order picking or bulk storage. Longspan Shelving can be designed for single, multi-tier or high-rise applications. A comprehensive range of frames and beams accommodates extensive loading requirements and is complimented by a choice of shelving materials which can be classified to meet specific needs. It provides the best preconditions flexible in operation, easily adjustable and configurable in the tool room, maintenance areas and inventory storage. 

Given the versatilities of long span shelving, let’s look at the main benefits it brings to daily storage facility operations: 

They can be easily installed

The long-span shelving allows vertical storage allowing you to use less ground space. A comprehensive range of frames and beams makes it straightforward during installation and reassembling. Plus, long-span shelves are made from rivets and pins rather than nuts and bolts for safety locking while preventing any radial movements of the storage panels. 

They are affordable and sustainable

Given its future-proof design, long-span shelving offers lifelong durability and is cost-effective thus making a sustainable product. With its wide range of non-toxic accessories and multi-tier solutions, you can be sure to get the most storage space possible. 

They have optimal flexibility

Racking should be adjusted to your storage requirements and you must be aware of what type of goods you intend to store prior to choosing a storage rack. As a modular design system, the beams used for the units are readily adjustable and can be integrated with other materials as an addition without the need for special tools or equipment.

Customise your storage space with longspan shelving system

If you need long-span shelving solutions for your business or warehouse, be sure to contact Eastern Win. While guiding you through consultation and  floor area plan without any obligation, we offer you an unparalleled client service and high-quality storage products at competitive prices to cater to your specific warehouse storage needs.