Things You Should Know About Boltless Shelving System

Things You Should Know About Boltless Shelving System

Things You Should Know About Boltless Shelving System

Things You Should Know About Boltless Shelving System

Things You Should Know About Boltless Shelving System
Things You Should Know About Boltless Shelving System
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Things You Should Know About Boltless Shelving System

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Things You Should Know About Boltless Shelving System


Boltless shelving is a type of storage system held together without the use of bolts or screws. Hence, the process of assembling and disassembling the boltless shelving unit is hassle-free, which makes it ideal for people who are always on the move.

How do you choose the right boltless shelves?

There are many different types of boltless shelving systems you can buy today, so it’s important to understand what they are and how they work before you make any purchases.

1. The ordinary boltless shelving  

Boltless shelving can be used with both thin and thick materials. However, the thin materials of your shelving will affect its strength and stability. Boltless shelves are generally rated to carry light load only and shorter shelf lengths. 

2. The loading capacity

The loading capacity of the ordinary boltless shelf depends on the size and strength of the materials used, but most units can hold up to 100-150kg per level when installed. If you need a higher capacity unit, we recommend using higher specification materials, which allows to increase the number of shelf levels per unit if you have more weighty items to store on your shelves.

Advantages of using higher  specification shelving system

The main benefit of using the shelving system is that it does not require any bolts or screws to hold it together. Doing this will not damage the walls when you install them in your homes, offices, retail  shops and warehouses , and you will not need any special tools when putting them together either. 

The system makes it less complicated to install and remove whenever needed without having to worry about damaging your walls or requiring professional help from someone else who knows how to install them properly.

  • Easy to set up

Boltless shelving systems are generally easier to install, but they also tend to be more expensive than their bolted counterparts. Boltless systems are often used in commercial settings, especially in large warehouses with a lot of heavy items being moved around. These types of shelves can also be used in smaller settings, as long as the weight limit is within reason.

  • Offers maximum flexibility

Boltless shelving allows you to customise your storage needs according to your requirements and space availability. The shelves can be adjusted according to the height you want them at as well as their width and depth. This way you can store different kinds of items, such as books, clothes, toys, etc., on one single shelf unit without compromising space efficiency or functionality.

  • No damage to walls

Unlike other types of storage units requiring nails or screws on your wall surface, boltless shelving does not damage your walls at all as it is self standing. If you ever decide that you want to move these units around or take them down again, there will be no holes left behind on your walls because there are no bolts involved. This makes it much easier for homeowners who rent their homes out as well as businesses who share office space with other companies or organisations.

Which materials are the best for a boltless storage system?

Mild Steel 

Mild Steel is a very light and flexible materials used to make any type of shelving  structures. It is also durable and long-lasting with epoxy powder coated paints.


A lightweight metal like aluminum has better strength when it comes to weight-bearing capacity. It also does not rust easily like steel does when exposed to the elements for long periods. Aluminum is easy to work with. However, it can be expensive depending on which type of aluminum is used in the construction of the shelving system.

Solve your storage needs with Eastern Win

The boltless shelving system is a perfect choice for most warehouses and offices. However, with the increase in demand and production of boltless shelving systems, the usage of these systems has become varied. The right heavy-duty shelving system should also be equally versatile. One can choose any of these based on their taste and needs.