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Building Materials - Waterproofing

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Boscoseal AC2 is a one part water based acrylic polymer fibre reinforced waterproofing membrane. It is specially formulated for commercial and residential internal and external waterproofing applications. Low in odour, it is well suited to internal use. It offers excellent rolling ability and easy application by brush or roller. The fibre , reinforced composition of Boscoseal AC2 combines a matrix binder within the membrane structure to provide extra strength and form high build dry film thickness. Boscoseal AC2 does not require the use of addtional reinforcing matting.


Internal wet areas to be tiled including showers, bathrooms, toilets and laundries. • External balconies and decks prior to the installation of a covering material such as tiles or non-solvent topping systems. • Exposed roof areas subject to weather and UV exposure. • Suitable for waterproofing a broad range of substrates including concrete, cement render, brickwork, particleboard, plywood, plasterboard, gyprock, composition board and fibre cement sheeting