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Resources - Project References

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Building Materials Silicone Sealants ZWALUW SILICONE-NM +SANITARY

Zwaluw Silicone NM was sepcified and selected as the non-bleeding, non-staining weather sealant for facade repainting works at Maplewoods condominum. Silicone NM was supplied in customized colours to match the colours of the facade claddings 

Building Materials Construction Adhesives HB FULLER TOOL BOX

Marina Bay Helix Bridge

HB Fuller Tool Box was used to bond metal elements along the walkway of The Helix Bridge as the design did not allow for welding and bolting to hold stainless steel elements together. Toolbox is resistant to weathering and seawater.

Building Materials Construction Adhesives HB FULLER MAXBOND

Marina Bay Sands

HB Fuller Maxbond construction adhesive and Caulk-in-Colour premium acrylic gap sealant was selected to bond and seal gaps in mirrors, panels and marble finishes throughout the development. 

Building Materials Concrete Bonding Agents LARSEN WELDCRETE

NUH Kent Ridge Wing

Larsen WeldCrete concrete was selected for used as a binder for self levelling screed to existing basement carpark floors. WeldCrete has an "open" time of up to 10 days and a tensile bond strength of 3.34Mpa (485psi) after 28days.

Building Materials Fire Stopping & Fire Rated Sealant HB FULLER FIRESOUND

Singapore Sports hub

HB Fuller Firesound fire rated acoustic sealant and Siroflex Painter's Caulk-It acrylic sealant was specified and used to seal expansion and construction joints in the majority of masonry wall construction in the sports hub. Firesound has a fire rating of up to 4 hours. 

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